Pastoral Team

Director of Sixth Form:Mr Karran
Assistant Head of Sixth Form:
(Responsibility for Higher Education)
Mr Watson
Assistant Head of Sixth Form:
(Responsibility for Collaboration with SNHS, the Foundation Programme and Part-Time Students)
Miss Hall
Assistant Head of Sixth Form:
(Responsibility for Pastoral Care)
Mrs Kinrade
Assistant UCAS Co-ordinator:Mrs Lewin

Mr Karran's Blog

The seeds of an A level result may well sprout in early summer, but the majority of the hard learning is done during the final months of the year. Ballakermeen students know that the way they work now, and the routines that they develop at this stage, are incredibly important. The winter is harsh and if our students go into it without the stabilising force of a life timetable and a tried and tested study ethos, they will be swept away. Oscar Wilde, a son of autumn, pointed out that success is a science- ‘with the right conditions, you will get best result’. Ballakermeen students must learn to work hard on their study set up, from the way their desks looks each lesson to the pen that they use to take notes with. As I walk through lessons and observe them in the Private Study room, it is this ‘set up’ that I want to see. Unlike Nero, who fiddled as Rome burnt around him, our students know that they can’t afford to lose focus and let short term vices get in the way of their longer term goals. This Sixth Form stands on the principles of resilience against hardship and a relentless approach to independent learning.

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