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Director of Sixth Form:Mr Karran
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(Responsibility for Higher Education)
Mr Watson
Assistant Head of Sixth Form:
(Responsibility for Collaboration with SNHS, the Foundation Programme and Part-Time Students)
Miss Hall
Assistant Head of Sixth Form:
(Responsibility for Pastoral Care)
Mrs Kinrade
Assistant UCAS Co-ordinator:Mrs Lewin

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Mr Karran's Blog

If the autumn was more of a settling in period, then the early winter is very much a consolidation time for our sixth formers. Recently, in assemblies, we have been looking at ‘Flight Paths’ and the concept of plotting our route to success. It is crucial that students evaluate their intended destination at an early stage, planning exactly how they will pace themselves along the way.

Already, some of our students have experienced a certain amount of turbulence along the way. A level studies are a big leap for all ex GCSE students, as is the jump from Year 12 to 13. However, if the student has enough inbuilt resilience, these periods of turbulence can be managed effectively.

To help increase resilience, and forge a positive mindset, we have created individual ‘life plans’ for all students, making sure that sleep well, eat the correct foods and build in sufficient rest periods, at appropriate times. Students must remember the importance of fuelling themselves correctly, ahead of these tough winter months.

Our Senior Prefect for independent learning has also put together a series of workshops aimed at improving ‘learning skills’ amongst the student population, something that everyone can benefit from, no matter your experience.

The cold air of winter may cause us to dip in confidence at times but our Sixth Formers know that, as long as they have prepared correctly enough, success will be around the corner, just as the summer sun returns.

Mr Karran

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