Wedding catering is not simply about preparing the food for your special day. The catering service will also play an important role in the overall planning of the event. They’re in charge of the meal flow, tableware, and cutlery rentals, serving the wedding cake, delivering welcoming beverages to your guests, and much more! 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of catering options to choose from. Thus, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the right one for your needs.  

The best way to narrow down your options is to ask these caterers several questions. Here are several questions to ask a caterer: 

Can I Taste the Menu? 

Almost every wedding caterer offers a test meal to potential clients. Consider this a warm-up for the big day. You will be able to sample all of the meals that will be served on your wedding day, offer feedback, and make any necessary changes. 

Can You Share Photos of Past Weddings You’ve Catered? 

This provides you a sense of how they cater. Check to see whether it suits the theme you have for your wedding day. 

How Many Weddings Have You Handled Before? 

An experienced wedding caterer is well-versed in dealing with issues that might happen during the special day. Look for well-established wedding caterers to make sure that everything goes according to plan during your special day. You may also lookup the caterer’s Google reviews to see what prior customers have to say. 

Can You Handle Unique Dietary Needs? 

Today’s guests have unique dietary needs, whether they are medical or lifestyle-related. Check with your wedding caterer to see whether gluten-free, keto, pure vegetarian, vegan or halal meals may be prepared for several guests. If so, is there an additional cost? 

Do You Only Offer Packages? 

Almost every wedding caterer provides packages. This implies that you must select from a pre-determined menu. If you choose to hire this type of caterer, you won’t be able to customize anything and will have to settle for what’s available. 

Do You Provide Full-Service? 

A couple of wedding caterers only provide the food. Other caterers provide full-service dinners. This implies they’re in charge of everything from the table settings, service workers, cutlery, and tableware, as well as clean-up. 

What is Your Catering Style? 

Various wedding catering providers specialize in various aspects of the event. For instance, a couple of caterers specialize in vegan cuisine and don’t handle non-vegan foods. Some caterers are also known for their Asian cuisines, while others specialize in Caribbean cuisine. 

Selecting a caterer with the necessary resources, cooks, and experience in managing the menu style that you prefer will result in much tastier and better results. 

Are You Booked on the Same Day? 

Popular caterers are known to take on more than 2 events on the same day. Though this is not a deal-breaker, if you require the catering team’s undivided attention on your special day, you’ve got to ensure to clarify this with them and make sure that they are accessible exclusively for your big day.