Eddie, Laura and Hezekiah
03 Mar

Year 12 performance assessments: they’re music to our ears!

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Now that everyone is back to school after the half term, we’re coming up to the last stretch before AS and A Level exams begin. For some practical subjects, however, students are already nearing the completion of coursework assessments, with this week seeing the final of the three performance assessments in Music.

During their AS year, students choosing the performance module in Music are assessed three times over the course of the year. These assessments are mostly completed to demonstrate the progress they’ve made in their studies, but they are also worth 25% of their AS grade. In preparation for their performance students are able to choose between individual or ensemble performances, featuring vocal or instrumental pieces.

Following the performances on Tuesday this week, the staff in the music department have sung the praises of the following Year 12 students, who really stood out in their performances:

Laura chose ensemble and performing on a second instrument. She has therefore been examined on three piano duets, in which she performed fantastically, and three vocal performances. Her teachers say that, with all of her hard work, she is shaping up to be a real musical star!

Eddie chose ensemble and improvisation. He played bass guitar in a band performing three different songs and improvised over a chord progression at sight, accompanied by Hezekiah on the drums. Mrs Crossley reports that the musicianship shown by these two students was amazing, as they were improvising together, interacting well and creating fantastic music.

Hezekiah himself, who played Troy Bolton in this year’s performance of High School Musical, chose ensemble and performing on a second instrument for his assessed pieces. Unsurprisingly, he chose to sing during his assessment, performing ‘Luck be a Lady Tonight’ from the musical Guys and Dolls. His second piece was a performance of ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana, where he undertook the difficult task of playing the drums whilst also singing the vocals!

A number of other students in our AS music group have chosen a composition module and are currently composing two pieces, which will then be recorded. However, on 21st and 22nd March all Year 12 Music students will be doing their main recitals. These last between six and ten minutes and include three or four performance pieces.

We wish them luck in their preparations for this and look forward to hearing more about their musical success in the future!

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