01 Apr

Voltaire tackles the contentious issue of abortion

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Following on from recent changes in the law, this week’s Voltaire Society tackled the contentious issue of abortion. The meeting welcomed Stephanie Kelsey from CALM, a pro-choice pressure group which has recently campaigned for changes in the law. It would be fair to say strong views were expressed on both sides. As is the way with Voltaire, discussion broadened and included a lively debate about whether the age of consent should be raised.

Rory Donegan commented: “The younger members are becoming increasingly confident about speaking up, which is great to see. We are also seeing new members every week. I am very excited to see what the future holds. Big thanks to everyone who came.” Samantha Sharman agreed, praising the contributions of our ‘blue jacket’ students.

Voltaire now takes a break for the summer examination but will return in June to consider Brexit. Who knows where we will be by then?

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