25 Jun

Voltaire Society joins the debate about mobile phones

Categories: Sixth Form, The Arts,

This week Voltaire Society joined Tynwald and the House of Commons in tackling the issue of mobile phones in school. Approximately fifty students, from Years 8 and above, took part in a discussion with members of the school’s Senior Leadership Team, including Mrs Burnett and the three Deputy Heads, Miss Lines, Mr Pagan and Mr Wiles. The session ran for over an hour, with both sides of the debate being heard.

Two Year 8 students, Cerys and Grace came prepared with a speech, making some excellent points. Cerys enjoyed the experience, saying “it was great to have the opportunity to debate with the teachers.” Grace agreed: “This is a subject we feel strongly about and so we felt it was important to have our say.”

President Shanne Gutierrez added: “We’ve never had so many of the younger students come to a meeting. It was really interesting to hear what they had to say. I hope they come back!”

The Senior Leadership Team were so impressed with the number and quality of contributions from the student audience, they have decided to open up the debate across the school. Over the next fortnight Form Tutors will discuss the issue with their groups and pass on feedback to Mrs Burnett.

Parents are invited to open meetings in school on this, and the issue of school uniform, next week, on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.