Left to right: Tom Williams, Shanne Gutierrez, Jack Smollen, Rhys Westwell
06 Mar

Voltaire Society elects new co-presidents

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The school’s current affairs club, the Voltaire Society, has elected two new co-presidents to take over from Year 13 students Rhys Westwell and Tom Williams. Shanne Gutierrez and Jack Smollen topped the poll in a closely contested election featuring seven candidates.

The winning candidates, who both delivered passionate and convincing election addresses, expressed their delight with the result.

Shanne said, “I attended most of the meetings last year so it is a real honour to be elected. My ambition is to see the Voltaire Society go from strength to strength. I’m sure this will happen as Jack and I have lots of ideas. In a democracy it’s important for young people to have a voice and we hope the meetings will also help to educate people on important issues.”

Jack agreed: “It’s great we have a club like this in school. It’s an ideal place for different opinions to be debated. As I said in my election speech, I’d also like to increase the numbers attending and to get some of the younger students involved.”

Shanne and Jack are now planning the first meetings of the spring calendar.

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