01 Jul

Voltaire Society debates whether it’s time to back or sack Boris

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In the final session of the year, the Voltaire Society considered the relative merits of Boris Johnson, heir apparent to No.10 Downing Street.

The assembled audience acknowledged his undoubted gift for self-promotion and the likelihood that his potential premiership would be far from dull. There were mixed views, however, on whether his private life was a matter for public interest, whether he would be able to deliver Brexit and whether he actually possesses principles.

When the Voltaire Society reconvenes in September, we may or may not have answers to these questions. Probably not but watch this space.

Thanks to Sam and Rory for all the work they have put in since their election, to Kuba for his excellent posters and to the growing number of students coming along to meetings. Vive les differences!

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