25 Mar

Student Council Update

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Hello Balla,

The councils have been going strong this term with some great turn outs even though we know you’re all so busy!

It’s already more than half way through the year and we just don’t know where it’s gone. You may have noticed that you’ve been doing a few surveys lately? Well that’s because you have a very powerful voice in what goes on at Ballakermeen and it’s about to get a lot more powerful. Already the results are telling us a lot about your experience in different lessons and across the school in general. We’ve been discussing the new behaviour policy, merits, activity week, uniform and homework. We’ve all agreed that there’s a bit of work to be done towards making homework more meaningful and yeah, you guessed it – a little more frequent! Mr Redmayne has also been sharing the results on some other aspects of school life too such as the 6Rs, lunchtime clubs and even how often our books are marked.

Hopefully you’re seeing the benefits of some of the talks we have but if not why not come and see for yourself? No point just moaning and complaining. It’s mainly Form Captains who come but the councils are open to anyone who wants to come and talk or just come and listen. Bullying is our current topic so if you have something to say about it why not come along? It’s KS3 on a Monday, Year 11/Sixth Form on a Tuesday and Year 10 on a Thursday. All you need to do is to let your tutor know and then get yourself down to the Open Learning Centre.

Someone said we had some holidays coming up too so have a good one!

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