21 Mar

Police visit A Level mathematicians!

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This morning PC 286 Greaves (Andy) from the Roads Policing Unit (and an ex-student of Ms Whittam!) came into school to talk to A Level mathematicians about how mechanics is vital when conducting road accident investigations.

He conducted an experiment using a ‘pull force transducer’ which involved pulling Miss de Vos down a corridor on a chair and a mat, to demonstrate what is done after a serious road collision.

He discussed how different accident scenarios involve different topics in maths, including projectiles and circular motion, and how the constant acceleration formulae and the coefficient of friction have such an important part to play. Andy also performed a skid test at 30mph in the police car on the bus lane, to measure the coefficient of friction of the tarmac using a device called Skidman.

Students (and staff!) had a great time and found it really interesting, and we look forward to his visit again next year!

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