Easter egg delivery to Springfield Grange Nursing Home
10 May

Patrick House Update

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Spring Term was very exciting for Patrick house. For a start, we delivered a huge
number of Easter eggs to Springfield Grange Nursing Home. Thank you to the many members of Patrick, who were selfless enough to donate an Easter egg for this great cause. When we delivered these chocolate eggs to Springfield Grange, we could tell that the residents were very grateful. Also, many of them had interesting life stories, that we were really honored to get the chance to hear. We would urge all Year 10 students to apply for the role of prefect, so you will have the chance to meet the residents of Springfield Grange next year (along with lots of other exciting opportunities).

As most of the house members will be able to recall, the prefects of the house gave an assembly, based around a ‘Kahoot’ quiz. This was a great success- thank you to all students who took part. We were surprised by many of the answers given, and that most of them were common knowledge, such as female elephants being called “cows”. Who would have thought? The students seemed to really enjoy the assembly, so the general atmosphere in the room was incredibly competitive, with the team members arguing, annoyance between friends and the sense of achievement along the rows, we hope that we didn’t ruin any friendships!

It is sad to say, but the year 11 are now preparing to leave Ballakermeen. This means that the prefects are coming to the end of their duties. Miss Jones has had a great year with her prefects and is excited to meet the new prefects, who will be taking over the role. So if you are in Year 10 and are interested in becoming a prefect, it is highly advised to do so. Please see your tutor for an application form.

Here’s to a fabulous Summer Term!

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