26 Nov

Patrick House Update

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Congratulations to Patrick house for raising so much food for ‘FOODBANK IOM’! Our tutor groups have been extremely busy collecting items for the Island’s foodbank which we know will be well received particularly this time of year as we move towards Christmas and the weather turns cooler. It’s great to be doing our bit for the community and to consider how lucky we all are.

This term Patrick house’s focus is ‘Quality Education’ where we will be thinking about people that are truly inspirational and who fight for quality education around the world. Once again, we are all so fortunate to receive a quality education on the Isle of Man. If only it were the same for every child around the world. It’s a basic human right after all.

As a house we will be raising money by running different events such as raffles and bake sales along with the Christmas market stalls – all money raised over this period will be donated to the UNICEF education section to help towards a Quality Education for every child around the world! Be sure to come and see us at the Christmas Fair on the 30th November.


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