07 Nov

Patrick House: November Update

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This new year brings us new house prefects!  You have been introduced to them in our last house assembly and if you ever need anything just ask, they don’t bite. Their job is to advise you in any way possible and help you with anything.  All you have to do is look for the stripy tie or the badge and you’re sorted.

Along with new prefects, there are also new form captains- how exciting.  The form captains are there so that if you have any issues within your form or even in general and you want to talk to someone your age, they can help you. They were also introduced in our last assembly and if you ever need help from them they should be wearing a badge also.

Our next exciting House Assembly is on the 25th of November.  Remember our new house motto “Let’s Celebrate.”  This is our new house motto because we are celebrating positive attitudes this month!  Remember to smile and look for the positives in every day.

As mentioned in our last house assembly we spoke about gaining new house charities.  There were many different options which made it a struggle to choose, but our new house charities are *drumroll please*: Tabitha’s Trust and Arthritis Care IOM.  They do fantastic work and we can’t wait to start fundraising!  If anyone does have any fundraising ideas, just mention them to Miss Jones, your form tutor or any prefects and we’ll help you organise it.

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