17 Feb

Patrick House Update

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So this term, what have we done in Patrick house? Well, our assembly this term was with a lady from Tabitha’s trust, one of our house charities. They support families whose child has passed away. While they are only a small charity (only 4 members), they work hard and offer support to families that don’t have anyone to turn to, advising them what they should do next, and how to cope.

This Charity has raised almost £6000 to buy Cuddle Cots, to allow parents longer to spend with their lost child and allowing them extra time to say goodbye. As well as purchasing Cuddle Cots, they offer help with funeral arrangements.

The charity maintains a regular supply of blankets, burial clothes and hats for those babies that, sadly, never make it home from hospital. All these items are donated by wonderful locals and volunteers. I’m sure Tabitha’s trust would be delighted if we could donate items to them that would help.

Next half-term will involve the Easter egg donations and, hopefully, other charity events to support Tabitha’s Trust and our other house charities!

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