06 Mar

New student club, the Voltaire Society, launched at Ballakermeen

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Sixth Form Politics students at Ballakermeen have launched a current affairs discussion group. Drawing inspiration from the Enlightenment philosopher, they are calling it the Voltaire Society. The aim of the club, which is open to all students across the school, is to consider a wide range of social and political issues. Agenda items in the coming weeks will include the Trump Presidency and its implications for western democracy, the plight of child refugees and the place of national identity in a globalized world.

Elections were held before half term, with Rhys elected President and Tom as Secretary. Their first act was to appoint Kate and Lonan as the club’s publicity team.

The inaugural meeting, which took place on Wednesday 1 March, looked at the proposed changes to abortion laws on the island. The students were joined by Dr Fiona Baker and Stephanie Kelsey, both of whom provided valuable insights into the issues surrounding the debate.