22 May

Memorial Walk 2019

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On June 25th we will be doing the Memorial Walk. All our students and staff take part, and there are no lessons on that day. Nearer the time, we will ask your permission for your son or daughter to participate. We try to involve everyone, so even those with broken legs or illness can participate in some way – handing out water for example.

We walk a circular route along the Marine Drive to Port Soderick where we have a picnic lunch. We return via country lanes to the grassy area opposite the NSC. Children are mostly dismissed from there, and we’ll give you full details nearer the time.

The Memorial Walk commemorates all those in our school community who lost their lives prematurely, through accident or illness, and there is a very special moment at Port Soderick when we honour them with a minute of applause.

This event is our major charity fund raiser, and once every two years we try to get as much money as we can for local good causes: this year we are supporting the children’s hospice, Rebecca House. All the students are asked to get sponsorship, and while we know that some families can give more easily than others, we hope everyone will give something.

Donations can be made from today at and nearer to the walk we will have buckets at reception for those who prefer to give cash.

The team from Rebecca House are coming in to school to talk to our young people about the services they provide, and we hope to inspire them to want to help.

Full details will be published and sent to you later in June.

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