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01 Feb

Maughold House Update

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Hello again.

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and are settling in to the new year. Last half term, our assembly was a little bit out of the ordinary. Our Head of House thought it would be a good idea to cover some sprouts in chocolate, to make them look like Ferrero Rochers. This was to spread the message that during Christmas, things might not be what they seem. With the help of a few unsuspecting volunteers, it provided a great laugh for everyone involved when they realised they were eating sprouts. Yuck!

This half term, we have a lot of exciting things planned. The Battle of the Ancients, which is a history challenge to design a house shield. And for those fitness fanatics out there, the Bike-A-Thon, a 5k exercise bike race. We hope to see many of you getting involved in these awesome events.

We are currently organising our next charity event which will be a cake sale. We will be looking for donations from all of you star bakers in the house.

Finally, we are very sad to announce that one of our prefects, Josh, has left the island for the UK. We’d like to thank Josh for all of his hard work and wish him well in his new school.

We hope everyone has a fantastic half term.
Until next time.

Alex, Macy and Will

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