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11 Jan

Langness House Update

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To quote George R R Martin “Winter is coming” and with that you would expect gloomy weather, wet mornings and even windier afternoons.  But this hasn’t dampened Langness’ spirits!  Oh no!  Langness House has been extremely busy.

The winter preparations started off in November when tutor groups started to prepare the class hamper which would be sold at the annual Ballakermeen Christmas Fair.  I asked my lovely year 8 form what they would like to make the hamper look like.  With over 12 suggestions (from an ice skate, to a full blown Christmas tree!) we democratically voted that we would do a snow globe.  However, after almost sticking myself to a small prototype, we decided that perhaps it was a little too ambitious and we settled on a Santa’s Sleigh design.  And by golly, it didn’t disappoint.  Some students took it onto themselves to be in early to complete the wrapping, gluing and painting!  With lights, three reindeer and a massive selection of Christmas chocolates and sweets, it was filled to the brim, just like the real Santa’s sleigh!  And ours was just one of many, many excellent designs!

On the night of the Christmas Fair (Friday 1st December), when all the hampers from all the Ballakermeen Houses were displayed, the New Canteen could have been Santa’s Grotto – everything glistened and sparkled and the atmosphere was electric.  Many stall holders and the public were milling about excitedly, moving from stall to stall, picking up amazing treats and food, as well as some lovely Christmas presents.  The Langness stall, manned by our House prefects, enticed people to ‘give it a go’ – a motto we have adopted this year.  There were two dart boards (one Velcro one for younger revellers), a ‘drop a penny on Rudolph’s nose’ activity as well as the ice curling game!  Michael Synnott and Iona Murray set up a Photo Booth which proved a massive success, with many staff and pupils giving it a go!   All the proceeds will go back to the BHSA who support Ballakermeen throughout the year.

And the motto ‘give it a go’ has been refining our run up to Christmas.  On Wednesday 6th December Langness House ran a Sponsored Silence with a difference.  The majority of the house went silent for the day to raise as many funds as possible to support our chosen charity of the year, The Manx Deaf Society (Reg 232).  But almost 20 students donned noise-reducing ear defenders to simulate how it feels to be deaf or hard of hearing in a school environment.  The Manx deaf Society is a non-government supported charity, ran by man and wife team.  Lucy Buxton, decided to set up the charity when she started to lose her hearing and realised just how many people are affected by hearing loss.  As a result the charity has helped people to have ‘visible’ doorbells and fire alarms, the charity also supports people who need help with medical appointments and hospital visits, as well as having a sign-speaker for the annual TT races!  The students’ participation and enthusiasm has been fantastic, so watch this space for their experiences and feedback.

Langness will continue to ‘have a go’ into the new year when we hope to have the total amount raised!

Please support your local charities and Langness House!

J Bartler

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