20 Nov

Is President Trump good for democracy?

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This week the Voltaire Society debated the topical question, ‘Is President Trump good for democracy?’ Speaking first, Year 12 student Michael Synnott argued that the democratically elected Trump is  a misrepresented figure, unfairly maligned by the mainstream liberal media. Speaking against, Year 13 student Joseph Johnson challenged Trump’s legitimacy, pointing out that although he won the race to the White House in terms of Electoral College votes, he actually lost on votes to Hillary Clinton. The debate ranged across a variety of themes, including Trump’s rhetoric, his comments on the violence in Charlottesville and US foreign policy. With numerous questions and contributions from the audience, this was yet another thought-provoking meeting. Although the excellent turnout suggests Trump does, at least, get people talking, the assembled audience concluded he is not, overall, good for democracy.

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