29 Apr

Hillary House Update

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Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to this year’s Prefects and good luck in your exams!

With year 11 leaving, we will soon be opening up applications for next year’s House representatives. Hillary and Maughold have decided to open applications up to the younger years so any pupils in years 8-11 have the opportunity to represent our house. Years 8 to 10 can apply to be House Champions and year 11s to be Prefects. We feel this is an important change as it enables younger pupils to develop their skills and to get more involved in the House system.

Also, a huge thank you needs to go to William K (year 7) for his amazing contribution to our Easter cake sale (see image). William’s cakes alone made £24 for our House charities.

As part of the House system this year, we are looking the Global Goals (17 initiatives put forward by world leaders in 2015 to make the world a better place to live by 2030) and as part of this focus, Hillary House would like to look into making our school more environmentally friendly (in line with Global Goal 17 – responsible production and consumption).

On this environmental note, we have some exciting news – our BHS water bottles (750ml) have arrived (see image).

They are available to purchase from the foyer for £5. Join us in our quest to make Balla an eco-friendly school!

Single-use plastic has a massive negative impact on our environment, and by using a reusable water bottle you can drastically reduce your plastic consumption.

Pupils at BHS consume 3,400 single-use plastic bottles a week! Not only is buying a reusable bottle good for the environment, but it is also good for your purse as you can refill your bottle for free at school!

All funds raised will go to Mannin Sepsis (our chosen local charity) and to support our Action Aid child, Magret, in Zambia.

We are also continuing to collect plastic bottle tops (normal, non-sports types), to send to Lush for them to be recycled.

We are excited to see what this term brings, especially in terms of deciding who next year’s prefects will be and how we can reduce Balla’s negative environmental impact!

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