02 Oct

Handmaiden talks to Voltaire Society

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The Voltaire Society held its first meeting of the year on Wednesday 27 September. The guest was one of the Handmaidens who took part in the silent protest on Tynwald Day in July. Dressed in costume and disguising her identity, the speaker explained the reasons for the demonstration. As well as debating the proposed changes to the island’s abortion law, the meeting also touched on a range of feminist and human issues, including violence against women, societal expectations regarding dress codes and recognition of transgender rights.

President of the Society Rhys Westwell said, “What the Handmaiden had to say was really interesting. It definitely provoked a lively discussion afterwards. This is what the Voltaire Society is all about. It was especially pleasing to see so many Year 12 students in attendance. Hopefully the numbers will be even higher next time.”

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