05 Apr

Charity Challenge 2017 – Putting Others First

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There was great excitement in the Lecture Theatre on Tuesday 14th March, as five groups of students, representing five fascinating charities, went head-to-head to decide which one would go forward to the Island-wide final on the 29th March.  Each group gave a strong performance on the night, giving detailed and well-researched presentations.  This is the tenth year of the Charity Challenge Competition and our teams delivered some of the best presentations we have seen.

For those who have been hiding under a rock since September, the Charity Challenge competition, run by The One World Centre, involves each group choosing a charity with overseas connections, researching in detail the way in which it is organised, spends its money and how it helps people in need all over the world.  Each group then prepares a 10 -12 minute all-singing, all-dancing presentation, which they deliver to an audience consisting of fellow students and representatives of the charities concerned, not to mention four judges, notable for their wisdom and good sense (yes, one of them was Mr. Kay, another was Head Girl Lizzie Beard, a third was the Lady Mayoress herself, Gill Skinner, and a certain Mrs. Watson wandered in to make up the numbers).

The five charities in contention on the evening were: Koru Hospital Fund, Developing Orphans, Mothers Union, Powerful Information and Man Asvi.  Between them, these charities help people across the globe, from Europe to India to Africa and all the groups did them proud.  In a close fought contest, the winner of the in-house leg of the competition was Powerful Information.  The other four groups each received £500 for their charity, plus whatever money they had raised from their own fundraising schemes.  A magnificent effort from all participants, which will help many people who really need it, and is the real reason why we take part in this competition every year.

So, on to the grand final in the Manx Museum.  A packed auditorium saw six excellent presentations from most of the Island’s sixth forms.  Our own Powerful Information team put across their pitch with style and aplomb and were a credit to both the school and their charity – well done Hannah, Zarlasht, Erynne, Sophie, Jade and Charlotte.  For the record, Powerful Information is a charity that meets the needs of visually impaired people and works towards the education of girls in Sierra Leone, W. Africa.  The girls didn’t come first on the night, but did win £1,200 for their cause which, with their own fundraising bake sale of over £100, means a significant windfall is making its way to those who will benefit from it immensely.  Well done, and a huge thank you to all of you who took part.

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