Adrienne Burnett, Head Teacher with DOI officials and parking officers
06 Sep

Barrier will stop drivers using school as cut-through

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Ballakermeen students will be starting the new academic year in a safer environment.

A traffic barrier is to be placed at the school entrance on Westminster Drive to control access at key times of the day.

The barrier will prevent motorists from using the school as a cut-through to St Catherine’s Drive, with the safety risks and extra pollution that brings.

Daytime visitors to the school must press a buzzer on the barrier and speak to the school office to be admitted.

School buses and emergency vehicles will access the school as normal.

The barrier is in position in ‘free-flow mode’ and will be fully operational from Monday September 25th.

The school facilities are used extensively by the local community in the evenings and, on those occasions, the barrier will not be in operation.

During school holidays, the barrier will not be employed during the daytime, meaning car access is possible, but will be down at nights.

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