05 Apr

Applicant Profile: Zak Callister

Categories: Sixth Form,

Age: 18

Course applied for:


Entry requirements:

Manchester A*A*A, Nottingham A*AA, later reduced to AAB, Sheffield AAA, Loughborough AAB, Queen’s University Belfast AAB.

Why did you apply for the course?

To me, Physics explains so much, including aspects of other sciences.  It has the biggest scale of all the subjects I have ever covered, from the beginning of the universe to current scientific breakthroughs and discoveries, explaining topics as diverse as electronics and nature.  I like the fact that everything you learn in Physics is somehow maths based or proven by some kind of experiment.

What kind of preparation did you do to make sure that this was the right course for you?

I started by reading a lot.  The most significant reading I did was Lawrence Krauss’ ‘A Universe from nothing’.  This text really explained to me a lot of the methods used to prove the Big Bang, or the age of the universe.  It was a compilation of lots of aspects of Physics, brought together over a considerable time, which, in turn, led me to further investigate some of the ideas mentioned.  Following on from this, I spent time looking in more depth at some of the concepts I would study at uni, which really confirmed that this was going to be the right route for me.  I also made sure that I visited as many of the places to which I was applying as possible.  This not only helps you see the places for yourself, but gives an insight into their teaching methods and the kind of research they are carrying out and how I could potentially get involved in this myself.

Have you picked your final choices yet?

Nearly, although I am still agonising about them somewhat!  I think my firm choice will more than likely be Nottingham.  I was really pleased that they were sufficiently impressed by my application to make me a slightly more generous offer, although it goes without saying that I am still aiming for the highest grades possible.  My insurance choice will probably be Queen’s, although I think I still need to make a visit there before I commit myself entirely.


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