05 May

Applicant Profile: Kirsty More

Categories: Careers, Sixth Form,

Age: 18

Course applied for: Food Science and Nutrition

Entry requirements:

Nottingham AAB, Leeds ABB, Northumbria BBB, Teesside BBC.  I also applied to Huddersfield, bu they cancelled the course.

Why did you apply for the course?

I have had an interest in food, and eating, for a long time. I think food is a really social activity and you can make people like you by making them cake!  From a school point of view, I always felt more of an affinity with science as I like knowing how things work.  Sciences certainly haven’t been easy and have really made me work, but they explain so much.  After the course I would love a career in manufacturing or developing new products for the market, but am still not certain about precisely which route I will follow.  To me knowing what is in your food is really important and I can find it odd that some people consume products without knowing the content.  Having nutritional knowledge means I can evaluate what I have eaten and make judgements about my diet and consumption based upon some scientific facts.

What kind of preparation did you do to make sure that this was the right course for you?

I really looked closely at the course content and carefully researched which modules were compulsory and which were options.  I really liked the modules that had some kind of chemistry slant to them.  I wanted a course that was not just focussed on the mechanics of cooking, as that’s where I feel I am now.  I wanted something with a little more depth.  I visited Leeds, Nottingham, Northumbria and Huddersfield.  These visits were really influential.  At Nottingham and Leeds I saw their food science labs and I saw real research being done.  They demonstrated some of the tests that their students carry out and I thought they were really cool, whereas some of the facilities I saw elsewhere felt a little bit too similar to school.

Have you picked your final choices yet?

Yes.  I have selected Nottingham as my firm choice and Leeds as my insurance.  I really liked the campus at Nottingham and they are very highly rated for their food science course.  They have strong links with industry and there is the possibility of a placement year which would be really beneficial.  Leeds are second rated after Nottingham.  I liked their facilities too and I found their staff really easy to talk to, but Nottingham was just a little more enticing.

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