17 Mar

Applicant Profile: Katie Garrett

Categories: Careers, Sixth Form,

Age: 18

Course applied for: Journalism

Entry requirements:

Manchester Metropolitan BBC, Leeds Beckett 120 points (equivalent to BBB), Liverpool John Moores 132 points, Sheffield Hallam BCC, Brighton BCC.

Why did you apply for the course?

The thought of a role where you work in multiple environments appealed to me.  In journalism, one moment you could be in the office, the next you could be on the streets, interviewing the population about Brexit!  It was the variety that was attractive, not forgetting the fact that I love to write.  Some might say that I am opinionated, but I think that’s wrong; I have strong opinions.  Writing is a platform for sharing how you feel.  To me, Journalism is the key to opening a debate and I think that’s healthy.  Especially when I win the debate!

What kind of preparation did you do to make sure that this was the right course for you?

Any journalism applicant should spend as much time as possible amassing a portfolio of written pieces, as looking at your work can be part of the selection process.  I took every opportunity to get pieces published, whether they were factual or opinion-based.  I have written some pieces for the websites of both of the bands in which I play: the Manx Youth Band and Manx Concert Brass. I have also had the opportunity to write for our amazing weekly Sixth Form publication, the Shout.  I really like writing editorial pieces, the more satirical the better.  Charlie Brooker’s work has been really influential to me and I love the work of some radio journalists too.  I think that how people write and speak is fascinating so, in the end, that confirmed that this is the right route for me.

Have you picked your final choices yet?

Just!  I am going to pick Leeds Beckett as my firm choice.  I have always wanted to go there and it’s really highly rated for my course, fourth in the country.  I have been to Leeds a few times and it’s a really nice, sociable place with great nightlife, so I think it will suit me well.  I was really pleased that Sheffield Hallam made my offer unconditional but, when I researched student satisfaction there it was lower than some, so it put me off somewhat.  You can find loads of interesting stats if you look on  My insurance choice will be Liverpool John Moores.  I had an interview there and seeing the uni pushed it ahead of others I had considered for my insurance.  Speaking to tutors one to one really helped get a flavour of the place.

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