24 May

May Update

By: Mrs Burnett, Headteacher

‘Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master.’ – Christian Lous Lange, Norwegian historian, teacher, and political scientist

The lighter nights, better weather, summer holidays fast approaching – yes, I’ve spotted an extra spring in the step of students (and teachers!) around school.

Exams will soon be done and dusted, and the pressure will ease a bit, for a little while at least. Some of you will be going away on holiday; some of you will be working during the summer break. Whatever the next few months hold for you, I hope you take advantage of what is right on your doorstep – the Isle of Man.

We live in such a beautiful place, with so many things going on. Those who complain that there is nothing to do (quite often the young, but not always) just need to open their eyes, and their minds. It won’t surprise anyone when I say I’m old enough to remember a time before we had computers, iPhones and whatever other technology people seem to invest so much of their precious time in these days.

This summer, I challenge everyone to step away from your devices, from staring for hours at movies, Facebook, Snapchat, or whatever part of the social media planet you inhabit.

You may have seen the 2018 Year of our Island initiative – – which is all about celebrating the Isle of Man and what it has to offer.

Be active this summer – get out and about around the Island, go camping, hiking, kayaking, spend long days at the beach, make a short film, take up a new sport or hobby – challenge yourself, and you’ll be the better for it.

There are so many pressures on young people today, and those of you who are going through exams will feel those pressures more. Being out in nature is one of the best cures for anxiety and stress; staying indoors, with just your devices for company, is the opposite.

So break those technological shackles over the coming months. Go out and immerse yourself in whatever adventure takes your fancy. And, for those of you who are returning in September, use it to ensure you come back refreshed and raring to go.

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