29 Nov

Headteacher’s November Blog

By: Mrs Burnett, Headteacher

‘The best way to pursue happiness is to help other people. Nothing else will make you happier.’ – Star Wars creator George Lucas

I look upon Ballakermeen as a close-knit community – one big family, even. I believe that, wherever possible, we try to help one another achieve success, of course, but also to make school life enjoyable for everyone. Yes, including the staff!

The approach to Christmas is a time which really brings that home. This week sees our Christmas Market, with stalls, crafts, games and all, along with hampers for sale, put together by our students; last week we enjoyed our fabulous school production of Honk! at the Studio Theatre, for which the cast put in many hours of tireless rehearsals in order to entertain us; and for the next few weeks our choirs will be putting similar time and effort into preparations for our annual Carol Service on December 19th.

What’s clear to me is that, collectively, the vast majority of our students are prepared to go that extra mile to put something back into the school community, whether that is entertaining their peers (and their families) or putting together Christmas hampers.

As Mr Lucas says, there is a very fine reward for making others happy, for bringing a smile to their faces, for going that extra mile, for helping them in so many ways – the fact that it will make you happier too. If we think about how we feel when we truly help someone else, whether that is as simple as making them smile or being there for them while they are going through a difficult time, it’s the kind of sensation you just can’t bottle.

For everyone who is involved with school events that benefit others, even if just to raise a smile, thank you. If you’re not yet involved, then look around, and see how you can volunteer your time and skills for next time. You won’t regret it.

Finally, good luck to everyone doing their Year 9 exams and Year 11 mocks the week after next. Just a little longer on revision, you’re almost there. And once they are done, Christmas – and a well-earned break – will be just around the corner.

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