22 May

Headteacher’s May Blog

By: Mrs Burnett, Headteacher

‘Civility, politeness, it’s like a cement in a society: binds it together.’ – actor Jeremy Irons

I believe that whatever path you choose to take in life, there is one irrefutable fact – you will get much further by building positive relationships and being nice to people, rather than by criticising or undermining others.

It’s an outlook that I have tried to instill in our students in the nineteen years I have had the privilege of serving as Head Teacher of Ballakermeen. I would like to think it is an attitude that has underpinned our school ethos during that time.

Our vision statement talks of our continuous duty to prepare our young people to take their place in society as good citizens, and this is something on which we place great importance.

As the actor Jeremy Irons says, civility is what keeps society together. It helps us build partnerships, both in our personal lives and our careers; it helps us all achieve more. Others will warm to you, whether that is as part of a team at work, a sport in which you partake, or just going about your daily life.

I’m particularly proud of the strong relationships we forge with the vast majority of our parents, and the support they give back to the school, which manifests itself in so many ways.

It’s so much easier, and far more rewarding for everyone involved, if those relationships between student, parent and school can remain positive – even during those instances when issues do arise, as they are bound to from time to time in a community the size of Ballakermeen.

Sometimes it is difficult to stay positive and polite, particularly if you feel someone is criticising you, or undermining your position. It’s natural to want to hit back or defend yourself. But there are ways of doing so, without resorting to similar behaviour yourself.

So, in any relationship, try to build or improve it by being positive, by treating others as you would hope to be treated yourself. Always remember to show civility. You’re unlikely to get far without it. Courtesy costs nothing, as they say.

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