Set changes in Science

Groups in Science ( Years 7-11 ) will be re-set in the next two weeks or so. The re-setting will be based on progress data accrued since September. Whilst we seek to minimise the disruption of these changes, it is important students are in the correct sets based on their performance. Prior to their most recent assessments before Christmas, students were informed that changes would be happening in the New Year.

Year 11 resetting will be based on the IGCSE results, which are available from January 17th. Please note, these results will determine the course and entry level for which they will be entered for in the summer.

Set changes in Geography

Year 7 mixed ability groups in Geography will be set next week. This re-setting will be based on student progress data collected since September. Students will be informed of the changes during their first lesson of week commencing 15th January and will attend their new class for the second lesson of the week.

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