Having seniors and immobile family members in the house is difficult, the whole family needs to adjust, as well as the house too. And this is why stairlifts are made.  

Stair lift Toronto has been serving the surrounding areas for several years now, and there is no escape from hearing some things that most homeowners assume about stairlifts, in general. Here, we will be sharing with you the most common gossips that you can hear about stairlifts and how they are just myths, need to be debunked.  



  1. If you do not have electricity, you cannot install a stairlift – this is one of the most common assumptions that most homeowners think and believe. It is not always the case the stairs lift operates solely through electricity. Although there needs to have a power outlet for recharging the stairlift, the stairlift operates through battery energy, in general. That is why it is functional even though there is a short outage. Most stairlift models have recharging contact on the bottom and top of the stairs. It is important that you contact a professional technician for electricity-related issues. 


  1. Stairlifts are only for seniors – while it is true that stairlifts are generally for seniors, individuals who need the same help will also benefit from the stairlifts. This can include family members who are immobile or have had serious injuries caused by disease or an accident. A stair lift can be a great assistance for anyone who has a knee or ankle injury that needs healing for weeks. 


  1. They are attached to the wall – stairlifts are not attached to the wall, but they are mounted on the stairs tread to avoid damage to your wall. 


  1. You cannot install a stairlift on stairs that have curves – many believe that stairlifts are not for those whose stairs have turn and curves, but the truth is otherwise. You can install a stairlift even when you have an intermediate landing or curved stairs. All you need to ensure is a professional and expert company or service that can provide you these“curved stairlifts”. They will just need accurate measurements of the stairs as well as some photos for guide, and the rest will be their expertise in creating the structure and installing it. 


  1. Stairlifts take a huge amount of space in your house – some believe that installing a stairlift can be advantageous for the seniors and injured, but not to the rest of the family members as it can take a huge amount of space of the stair, and there will be no adequate space left to use the stairs by foot. While it can take some space, yes, it does not take a huge amount of space and you will have an adequate space to use the stairs on foot — always. The chair’s arms and seat are also foldable, so they would not take much space. 


Now that you know the five common myths about stairlifts that are debunked by facts, we believe that you have now a clearer understanding of the benefits of the structure. Thank you and we do hope you will share this with your family and friends who might need this information someday.