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Thank you Bus Vannin

Thank you to Bus Vannin for their sterling efforts on Thursday. The drivers were all extremely helpful, with some of them ‘going the extra mile’ to ensure our students got home safely.

GCE and GCSE certificates

From 10th December both GCE and GCSE certificates will be ready for collection from the Exam Office. Also, we are still holding certificates from previous years which we would ask former students to collect ASAP please.

NASA Space School NASA Space School (430 KB) 15-Jan-2015

Y6 Open Evening Y6 Open Evening (2078 KB) 15-Jan-2015

Science Revision Packs Science Revision Packs (130 KB) 14-Jan-2015

Y11 Academic Tutoring Y11 Academic Tutoring (208 KB) 13-Jan-2015

University Trip 2015 University Trip 2015 (291 KB) 18-Nov-2014

DofE Application Form (2014) DofE Application Form (2014) (205 KB) 10-Nov-2014

Noro Virus Letter Noro Virus Letter (332 KB) 15-Oct-2014

BHSA School Calendar BHSA School Calendar (356 KB) 10-Sep-2014

Bus Timetables (May 2014) Bus Timetables (May 2014) (55 KB) 05-May-2014

Y10 Information Evening Presentation (2014-2015) Y10 Information Evening Presentation (2014-2015) (495 KB) 28-Jul-2014

Y7 Meet the Tutor Presentation (2014-2015) Y7 Meet the Tutor Presentation (2014-2015) (1050 KB) 24-Sep-2014

Y9 Information Evening Presentation (2014-2015) Y9 Information Evening Presentation (2014-2015) (476 KB) 22-Sep-2014

BHSA School Calendar BHSA School Calendar (356 KB) 10-Sep-2014

Holiday Dates Holiday Dates (160 KB) 04-Jun-2014

300 Club Application Form 300 Club Application Form (134 KB) 06-Jun-2014

Homework Timetable (2014-2015) Homework Timetable (2014-2015) (184 KB) 28-Jul-2014

GCE Summer 2015 GCE Summer 2015 (85 KB) 25-Sep-2014

GCSE Summer 2015 GCSE Summer 2015 (84 KB) 25-Sep-2014

News Highlights

A packed Villa Marina audience gave a standing ovation to Hector Duff, the special guest at the Ballakermeen High School annual prize-giving. War hero Mr Duff spoke movingly of the sadness of war, and said that while there may be victors there can be no winners.
Ballakermeen students supported the recent One World Week Challenge by funding 6 toilets for the toilet twinning campaign.
An extension to the Island’s biggest secondary school represents major investment in the future of young people and the economy, says Tim Crookall MHK, Minister for Education and Children.
As part of the launch week for Inspiring the Future Isle of Man, Ballakermeen form tutors have invited in representatives from the world of work to talk to students about their job.

Forthcoming Events

Headteacher's Blog

The Studio Theatre

4 February
Umberto Giordano’s Andrea Chénier (1896) presents a fictionalised account of the last years of the French poet Andrea Chénier, guillotined during the Reign of Terror in 1794. It is the greatest of Giordano’s operas, and shows why Puccini sometimes feared Giordano as a rival.

11 February
Summer 1914. In order to dedicate themselves to a life of study, the King and his friends take an oath to avoid the company of women for three years. No sooner have they made their pledge than the Princess of France and her ladies-in-waiting arrive, presenting them with a severe test of resolve.

24 February
Wagner’s first masterpiece explores the themes of damnation and redemption that would fascinate the composer throughout his career. In this tale of a captain forced to sail the seas for eternity unless released by the faithful love of a good woman, and the lonely girl who longs to save him, Wagner created two unforgettable characters operating near the limits of human emotion.

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