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Holocaust Assembly

Year 7 did a very moving assembly today about the holocaust and remembering and respecting the individuals who lost their lives. There was a minute's total silence - very powerful. In July we will once again honour those we have lost from our own community when we do the Memorial Walk.

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News Highlights

So what’s been happening at Ballakermeen High School over this half term?
A packed Villa Marina audience gave a standing ovation to Hector Duff, the special guest at the Ballakermeen High School annual prize-giving.
Ballakermeen students supported the recent One World Week Challenge by funding 6 toilets for the toilet twinning campaign.
An extension to the Island’s biggest secondary school represents major investment in the future of young people and the economy, says Tim Crookall MHK, Minister for Education and Children.
As part of the launch week for Inspiring the Future Isle of Man, Ballakermeen form tutors have invited in representatives from the world of work to talk to students about their job.

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The Studio Theatre

4 March
Autumn 1918. A group of soldiers return from the trenches. The world-weary Benedick and his friend Claudio find themselves reacquainted with Beatrice and Hero. As memories of conflict give way to a life of parties and masked balls, Claudio and Hero fall madly, deeply in love, while Benedick and Beatrice reignite their own altogether more combative courtship. Shakespeare’s comic romance plays out amidst the brittle high spirits of a post-war house party, as youthful passions run riot, lovers are deceived and happiness is threatened – before peace ultimately wins the day.

17 March
Swan Lake, surely the greatest of all Romantic ballets, is the captivating story of a beautiful woman transformed into a swan, and a heart-rending tribute to the power of love. Swan Lake is a perfect synthesis of choreography and music and, though Tchaikovsky did not live to see it become a success, his first ballet score is now synonymous with ballet itself, inspiring generations of dancers and crossing into popular culture.

1 April
A major work from the remarkable partnership of playwright and poet Bertolt Brecht and composer Kurt Weill, Mahagonny was first performed in Leipzig in 1930. Its first ever Royal Opera staging, by Associate Director of Opera John Fulljames, is sung in English, and conducted by Mark Wigglesworth – recently announced as the successor to Edward Gardner as Music Director of English National Opera.

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