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External Validation Results

Ballakermeen High School recently underwent an external validation of its self-evaluation process, which involved confirming the judgments the school has made about itself across certain areas.

The validation of the school self review and evaluation covered the full range of the school’s judgements, but focused on three specific aspects. These were:
Achievement against prior attainment;
Teaching and learning;
Distributed leadership.

Achievement against prior attainment

Student achievement at both GCSE and Advanced levels was judged to be a ‘significant strength’. Overall most students make better than average progress over time given that their starting points. The validation team concurred with the school’s judgement that achievement against prior attainment is ‘good’.

Teaching and learning

Teaching and learning is ‘good’ and is likely to be a ‘significant strength’ if current progress is maintained. The following strengths were observed:

  • All lessons were found to begin with a clear learning intention, which was explained well. 
  • Students understood what they were learning and how to improve. 
  • Lessons routinely engage, challenge and motivate the students. 
  • Teachers demonstrate good subject knowledge and provide helpful feedback. Students learn both independently and collaboratively.
  • Teachers help students to learn beyond the confines of the school through a range of strategies including homework, support sessions and educational visits.
  • Teachers in all subjects make good use of assessment information to plan lessons and take students forward in their learning.

Distributed leadership

Leadership is distributed throughout the school and both teachers and middle leaders feel ‘trusted’ and ‘empowered’. The use of coaching and mentoring of teachers is developing well and the school’s appraisal system encourages them to take responsibility for school improvement. Distributed leadership was found to be one of the main reasons for the improvements in attainment and achievement across the school. Overall the validation team judged the school’s distributed leadership to be a ‘significant strength’.

Other areas are considered

As well as the three specific aspects of the SSRE on which it focused, the validation team also considered other judgements set out in the SSRE. It concurred with several aspects including:

  • Attainment is ‘good’ at GCSE and Advanced level;
  • Effective analysis of attainment data is being used to target groups and individuals in need of support and challenge;
  • The school values and develops the 6R learning dispositions; 
  • Students are safe as a result of the school’s approach to safeguarding; 
  • The behaviour and engagement of students in lessons is a significant strength;
  • Students are well-prepared for their life beyond compulsory education;
  • Student artwork and photographs celebrate learning in the school, and displays promote learning in classrooms;
  • The school provides good parent guidance for the students;
  • Partnerships with parents and outside organisations were found to be impressive;
  • The head teacher provides a strong vision and leadership for the school and the senior leadership is a significant strength;
  • The school is successful in developing the whole student and does not exclusively target academic results.


The validation team agreed with the school about all judgements that it tested. The school knows itself very well and is in a very good position to improve further.

Adobe Photoshop Course

IOM Youth Service are running an Open Awards accredited Adobe Photoshop course at the IOM College this Easter during the second week of the school holidays. The course is primarily for KS4 students.

The course encompasses all aspects of image enhancement and digital manipulation using Photoshop CS6.

Tuesday 7th to Friday 10th April: 10am to 4pm. The cost is £30.

Please contact Brian Mitchell on 493388 to secure a place.

Additional Science Revision Sessions

Year 11 students are encouraged to attend the following revision sessions for additional science.

Biology Revision session – Tuesday 26th May
Chemistry Revision session – Wednesday 27th May
Physics Revision session – Thursday 28th May

Each session runs from 9:10am – 3:20pm.

Further details and a return slip are on our letters page.

Additional Science Revision Sessions Additional Science Revision Sessions (191 KB) 27-Mar-2015

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Y7 Enrichment Week Form Y7 Enrichment Week Form (141 KB) 12-Mar-2015

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Y8 Enrichment Week Form Y8 Enrichment Week Form (142 KB) 12-Mar-2015

Y9 Enrichment Week Brochure 2015 Y9 Enrichment Week Brochure 2015 (1252 KB) 12-Mar-2015

Y9 Enrichment Week Form Y9 Enrichment Week Form (142 KB) 12-Mar-2015

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NASA Space School NASA Space School (430 KB) 15-Jan-2015

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DofE Application Form (2014) DofE Application Form (2014) (205 KB) 10-Nov-2014

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Bus Timetables (May 2014) Bus Timetables (May 2014) (55 KB) 05-May-2014

Course Guide Y10 to Y11 (2015-2017) Course Guide Y10 to Y11 (2015-2017) (1145 KB) 17-Mar-2015

Y9 into Y10 Options Form 2015 Y9 into Y10 Options Form 2015 (198 KB) 17-Mar-2015

GCE Easter Revision GCE Easter Revision (234 KB) 25-Feb-2015

GCSE Easter Revision GCSE Easter Revision (234 KB) 25-Feb-2015

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Y7 Meet the Tutor Presentation (2014-2015) Y7 Meet the Tutor Presentation (2014-2015) (1050 KB) 24-Sep-2014

Y9 Information Evening Presentation (2014-2015) Y9 Information Evening Presentation (2014-2015) (476 KB) 22-Sep-2014

BHSA School Calendar BHSA School Calendar (356 KB) 10-Sep-2014

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News Highlights

There have been quite a few issues brought up over these last few weeks and we’ve had a lot of feedback from you. It’s been great to hear it from so many people.
So what’s been happening at Ballakermeen High School over this half term?
A packed Villa Marina audience gave a standing ovation to Hector Duff, the special guest at the Ballakermeen High School annual prize-giving.
Ballakermeen students supported the recent One World Week Challenge by funding 6 toilets for the toilet twinning campaign.
An extension to the Island’s biggest secondary school represents major investment in the future of young people and the economy, says Tim Crookall MHK, Minister for Education and Children.

Forthcoming Events

Headteacher's Blog

The Studio Theatre

1 April
A major work from the remarkable partnership of playwright and poet Bertolt Brecht and composer Kurt Weill, Mahagonny was first performed in Leipzig in 1930. Its first ever Royal Opera staging, by Associate Director of Opera John Fulljames, is sung in English, and conducted by Mark Wigglesworth – recently announced as the successor to Edward Gardner as Music Director of English National Opera.

5 May
Frederick Ashton's final full-length ballet is one of his most joyous creations, inspired by his love for the Suffolk countryside. It is based on an 1828 French ballet and the music was adapted by John Lanchbery from Ferdinand Hérold's original score. La Fille mal gardée was a resounding success on its premiere in 1960 and has remained a firm favourite in The Royal Ballet's repertory. The title translates as 'The Wayward Daughter'.

5 July
Opening with what is arguably the most exciting of all operatic overtures, Rossini’s final opera helped to lay the foundations of the genre of French grand opéra that dominated European stages throughout the mid-19th century. The opera’s theme is liberty, as exemplified in the struggle against Austrian occupation led by the Swiss archer and patriot Guillaume Tell: in the opera’s most famous scene, Tell shoots an apple from his son’s head, a feat that inspires his countrymen to revolt.

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